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Drug and Alcohol Education Classes


Alternative Horizon Counseling Center is committed to helping individuals take a holistic approach in coping with the

negative effects and consequences of alcohol & drug use.

Certified by the state of Ohio MHAS, AHCC offers 8, 12 and 24 hour education classes that meet all court-ordered, probation and employer requirements. You can complete your AoD educational requirements (up to 24 hours) over the course of one weekend in a group setting. Clients will learn the skills necessary to make appropriate decisions regarding the use of legal / illegal drugs and/or alcohol.

Our education classes are taught by a team of educators whose own life experiences have been effected by the consequences of alcohol & drug use.

We combine interactive programming, group discussions, lectures and presentations covering a variety of topics.

Classes will cover

Origins of addiction 

Family roles and family dysfunction


Myths vs. facts surrounding alcohol and drug use

Impairment of driver skills due to substance use

Costs to the individual and society at large

Health consequences of chemical and substance use


*Individual or group classes are available*




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