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Drivers Intervention Program


Alternative Horizon Counseling delivers a different kind of 72-hour Drivers Intervention Program certified by the state of Ohio MHAS.

At AHCC we take pride in our non-judgmental, holistic approach to the clients we service and the education we provide. We believe in a three tier mindfulness approach of  mind, body and spirit.

By utilizing the power of positive thinking, personalized service & smaller class size, we provide our clients an educational experience they will enjoy! 

Our 72 hour program includes interactive activities consisting of educational presentations, enlightening speakers, feature films & videos, along with group sessions and individualized counseling.  Our program also allows you supervised and designated recreation time (after the program day) to educate the wellness aspect of our approach, including the use of the hotel's pool, spa and fitness center, plus some of the other hotel amenities.

 $150 Deposit (non-refundable deposit) you can reserve your spot today!

Once registered we have the right to not refund money due to cancellation or change of dates.  Please contact for policy and procedures involving payments. 




Upcoming D.I.P Program Dates

2024 DATES


June 20-23

July 11-14

Aug 22-25

Sept 19-22

Oct 17-20

Nov 21-24

Dec 19-22

North Olmsted:

July 25-28

Aug 8-11

Sept 5-8

Oct 3-6

Nov 7-10

Dec 5-8


 *Please note, while we strive to keep shared rooms at double occupancy, due to room availability & client participation, shared rooms may be up to 3 clients per room.                                      


Our 72 hour D.I.P. program runs from 5:00 p.m.(5:30 pm at the latest). Program director has the right to not let you in any later then 5:30pm Thursday to 5:00 p.m. Sunday. 

All meals on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are included.

Upon your arrival on Thursday evening, you will sign in and then be greeted by either Anne Marie CEO, Nicole Podgorski Program Director, Sharon Murton Counselor, Mychael Lingo, Kristine Jordan Clinical Director.  We will take care of any unpaid balances a few clients may have. This will be followed by completing an alcohol and drug screening, baggage check and a staff/client meet & greet. We will go over program safety, rules & regulations, plus give you an idea of what to expect over the next 72 hours. From there we have some registration forms to complete. Please bring all relevant information to help expedite your registration,

e.g. case number, contact information (court, probation, attorney, emergency).



Our guest speakers include charismatic and respected legal and medical professionals, as well as representatives of the criminal justice and insurance sectors. We also present members of alcoholics anonymous with amazing stories of recovery and victims of drunk drivers whose lives’ have been forever changed as a consequence of drinking and driving.



You will receive a wake-up call on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning at 7:30a.m.  This will be followed by breakfast and your first group activity starting at 8:30a.m.  Lunch and dinner are catered and will be served at noon and 5:00p.m., respectively.

All dinners for the program are catered by Augie's and Giant Eagle. Dietary options are available to accommodate for vegetarian, dairy or gluten free diets. The Courtyard by Marriott Bistro menu is avaiable for breakfast and dinner, at your own expense.




* Please note a meal is not provided Thursday evening, so please eat before arriving.

 You may also bring a meal or purchase one at the Courtyard Bistro to eat after our registration process. NO UBER eats or any delivery service is allowed. All other meals throughout the weekend are provided.

* You may bring snacks and soft drinks for the weekend. Please make sure all snacks and beverages are in new, unopened containers. Snacks & soft drinks are also available for purchase at the hotel Market, a staff member will be happy to escort you.


* Courtyard by Marriott have  free Wi-Fi throughout your stay. Cell phones, tablets and laptops are permitted, we will explain our electronics policy Thursday evening. 

Payment Options:

Call for pricing and payment

Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express

Venmo @AHCC333

Money Order / Cash



To Pre-register

 Click on the dates and registration and someone will get back to you within 48 hours. Please fill out and submit the registration form. A staff member will call you back to complete registration. Pay pal is not available right now due to COVID-19.  Please call or use Venmo @AHCC333 However, call for single room rates. 


To Register, make Deposit/Payment by Credit Card / Venmo / Money Order or Cash:

 Fill out the registration form and a member of the AHCC Team will contact you within 48 hours. You do not have to make a payment to pre register however to be added to room list you must pay before you can be added. 


Or call the AHCC Helpline 216-264-1058, 440-539-6135

It's that EASY!



Payment in full is preferred at the time of registration. You may call the AHCC Helpline (216-264-1058) in advance, at any time, to make a $150 downpayment (non-refundable) prior to your preferred weekend to confirm a spot. Your BALANCE IN FULL** must be paid no later than the evening you arrive at the program.


** Balance in full Thursday evening of your scheduled program is cash only or CC with a 10 dollar fee.

If you reschedule your program within one week prior to your scheduled date you will be assessed a rescheduling and administration fee of $150.  A 7 day transferring or rescheduling of the date chosen is in effect or you will lose your deposit and any mon its paid per program directors discretion.  NO show automatically lose all monies paid, also if you move or change program inside the 7 day window all monies are subject to non refund.  Non refundable if you do not move program. 




All AHCC Drivers Intervention Program rules and guidelines will be reviewed upon your weekend arrival.  


  • Do not use alcohol or illegal drugs for at least 72 hours prior to being admitted to the program. 

  • Any alcohol-based toiletries will be examined and may be held by the staff and returned to you at the end of the program.  Be aware that your luggage will be searched during the Thursday evening intake process. 

  • Prescription medication must be in its original container and the label must be clearly legible.  Bring only enough medication to last for the 72 hour weekend program. 

  • No mood altering substances are permitted unless they have been prescribed by a physician and are approved by our staff director. 

  • The Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS) require that you complete 72 consecutive hours of driver intervention education in order to meet your requirements. 



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